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To accelerate our communities’ transition to full social and economic inclusion.


Vision statement


Our vision is to create a community that realises the full potential of all people and promotes access to skill development, full participation in culture, economic opportunities to encourage a new era of innovation, growth and productivity. 


Your life is just beginning allow us to be part of your journey today.

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Recent  project
ndis mentoring project - Townsville, Ingham, Cairns, Gympie, Cherbourg and Mackay
Laurie and Steve have now completed the Emerging Leaders Project working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Communities to build NDIS business capacity. The NLP team worked consistently with Mentors in Cherbourg, Woorabinda, Caboolture, Cairns, Yarrabah, Cooktown, Hopevale, Mossman, Wujal Wujal and Torres Strait to build NDIS ready businesses.
Laurie also facilitated mentoring and coaching for business owners, board members, senior managers and those wanting to enter the NDIS market place. Services were tailored to the needs of the service or individual and is provided to assist them as they prepare to work within  the NDIS.  The Team created a suite of educational Videos that support effective governance and positive service delivery to assist services as they move into the new reform available upon request.
Laurie also facilitates NDIS specific non acreditied and accredited training for employees as they also  prepare themselves for the NDIS. 

Emerging Leaders project- Connections Inc

Emerging Leaders Project


The aim of this exciting project was to assist 20 organisations within the Moreton Bay area to mentor and coach other local service providers. The project will have a focus on creating NDIS ready organisations and staff.



National Disability Insurance Scheme Participant Readiness Project.




Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island specific resources have been created in partnership with Torres Strait Islander Consultancy


Laurie has created a DVD series for Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander people and Non Indigenous people living with Mental illness. The DVD series is designed to assist people who will access the NDIS. It clearly demonstrates an easy to understand workshop which takes the anxiety out of the NDIA planning session. 


This project is a QLD Government initiative to assist people living with a disability to positively understand and engage with the new national health reform due to commence in July 2016. Laurie Perkins has been contracted to create NDIS educational tools to specifically designed to reach people living with mental ill health throughout QLD. Laurie has now finalised the peer training manual and created a highly interactive workshop which promotes positive engagement and understanding of the changes occurring in 2016.


Research project abstract


Light therapy is used all over the world by well-known organisation including NASA, military personnel, doctors, physiotherapists, chiropractors and wellness centres simply to aid and encourage the body in recovery. Light influences the body in a number of ways and different types of light stimulate different reactions, from the simple production of vitamin D, activation of ATP (adenosine triphosphate), serotonin and the encouragement of cell growth and collagen rejuvenation. Using light at specific frequencies triggers a reaction within the body to stimulate receptors in the brain. It simply assists the body to do what it does naturally. 

The results of the pilot study will lead into a larger scale investigative case study to commence later in 2014.Read more. Download the full report here.. 


Connections Collaborative Mental Health e- Manual Completed June


Laurie created the Community Collaboration e-manual which has been designed to assist and provide a smoother transitions and referral processes between psychosocial support services and the consumers throughout the metro north region. 

The project included extensive networking and collaboration across 200 clinical and psychosocial recovery services, spanning from the RBH, Prince Charles and Caboolture and Redcliffe catchment areas.

The Collaboration Manual clearly displays easy to use service and referral pathways as well as an understanding of 'lingo' used across the sector. it is expected that this e-manual will improve service delivery and provide positive outcomes for people living with mental ill health. You can access this manual using the following link.


Youth Excel project

New Life Perspectives assisted Michelle Mitchell with creating a business plan including, strategic and operational components, future direction, financial acumen, grant writing, recruitment and HR management. Assistance was also provided in the areas of preparing ministerial briefing papers and advocating and liaising with government officials to lobby for funding and support. The Youth Excel project is now complete and I am glad to say the service is fully functional with three registered Psychologists providing care to marginalised disengaged youth in the Kallangur area and a teen mentoring program is ready to kick off. We wish them well as they take the centre to new heights.


Connections Inc Healthy Minds at Work

New Life Perspectives representative Laurie Perkins created a corporate mental health education training package consisting of 7 training modules. These modules have recently been fully accredited towards a cert iv in Mental Health and Diploma level courses. Since completing this package she has also written 12 more community based non accredited training packages which are now facilitated by Connections trainers. The Healthy Minds at Work program was nominated and became a finalist in the QLD Alliance Mental health awards 2012.


Active Inclusion Project

New Life Perspectives representative Laurie Perkins designed, implemented and evaluated a program for actively including people living with a chronic mental illness into local Moreton Bay sporting venues. This program was designed to expose 12 sporting venues to education and policy creation around anti-discrimination and inclusiveness. On the other end of the spectrum the participant living with a mental illness were exposed to a 10 week active program designed to increase physical fitness, balance, flexibility, decrease stress and build resilience and self esteem. This program has received ongoing funding and is being sustained by the capable staff at Connections Inc in Caboolture. 


Vanuatu Women's Conference

in October 2013 New Life Perspectives designed and delivered resilience training specifically designed to empower local Vanuatu women.


Kuching Health Promotion Conference

in September 2013 New Life Perspectives consultant Laurie Perkins presented on two topics at the Health Promotion Conference in Kuching. The first topic included the introduction of her book 'from torment to freedom' a story about a personal journey of living and overcoming a chronic illness and the pot holes she fell into along the way. The second topic included an overview of all the health promotion projects that Laurie has facilitated and evaluated over the last 7 years including working closely with prisoners on the Blood borne virus project and the youth sexual health programs. Also she spoke about the  problems encountered when working with the indigenous program designed specifically to create effective resources to raise awareness of health conditions and protective factors, as well as the issues of the injecting drug user program including managing and co-ordinating needle and syringe outlets and the outreach projects she created. Finally the barriers for community acceptance of the 'healthy minds at work' program and the 'active inclusion' projects were discussed. the conference was a success and Laurie is hoping to present again in Malaysia early in 2014.


QuIHN outreach Project

QuIHN services included 3 needle and syringe program, counselling and treatment, health and welfare support, advocacy health promotion and crisis support. My role as manager was to make these services more effective so I took them on the road in the van seen to the right. We facilitated client directed welfare, education, heath promotion tailored to the individuals needs and goals. We also supported clients to enter rehab, detox and created pathways into other specialist services. Out reach services included Gold Coast, Rockhampton, Cairns and Tablelands.

Correctional Facilities Blood Borne Virus Project


This project was designed to educate prisoners and correctional staff in the areas of managing risks associated with drug use and the management of blood borne viruses such as Hepatitis A,B,C and HIV. Educational resources were created including the first Indigenous specific brochure "stay strong, stay black, stay clean". Laurie's work on the project was recognized and featured in the HEP Factor magazine 2008 and she has been asked to speak at many national conferences in regards to the project outcomes, including initiating HCV treatment regimes throughout QLD.

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