Increase your work opportunities, take your skills and knowledge to the next level by gaining your Advanced Diploma of Community Sector Management In this training you will learn 
• How to more effectively provide Leadership • How to motivate yourself and your staff • Create and read financial budgets • Conduct effective risk management strategies • Decrease work stress through Mindfulness for Community Workers • Improved staff performance • Take better care of yourself and your staff • Understand the NDIS Quality Framework • Business planning and strategy • Gain more control over your behavior and your results • How to increase personal fulfillment and satisfaction from the work you do • Understand your own personality type and your staff to improve communication and workplace relationships 
This training is best suited to team leaders and above with more than 2 years experience in the Community Services sector 
Eligible participants may attend all workshops and complete the assessment process starting from as low as $75.  Please note this price is only available to people currently working in the community sector and meet eligibility requirements of our partner RTO. 
To confirm your eligibility please email
This course runs for approx. 6 months with face to face workshops held once per month. Additional sessions may be added if required.     
As this course is specifically for people currently working the majority of assessments are completed in class so your personal life has minimal    impact. 

Advanced Diploma Rockhampton