Confidentiality policy

NLP’s approach to Participant confidentiality

Confidentiality is one of the key principles underpinning our services. We believe that confidentiality is central to the trust between our workers, our participants and partner service providers.  Where NLP works in partnership with other service providers to deliver a service, participant data and referrals may be shared with partners as required.  In these cases the same standards of confidentiality will apply.

It is our policy that everyone who uses our service:

  • Has the right to expect that information about them will be held in confidence.

  • Knows that the information they provide will only be used for the purposes for which it was given.

  • Understands that information about them will not be released to any person outside of NLP without their consent, unless conditions for breaching confidentiality are met.

Telling you about our Policy

  • It is our duty to tell you about our approach to confidentiality and explain our policy to you.

  • When you register to receive a service from us our Confidentiality Policy will be provided in writing or read to you. We will remind you of our approach to confidentiality at appropriate times during your contact with us.

  • We will also explain and make our policy available to our supporters, local partners and, where appropriate, to parents and carers.

  • You can download a copy of our Confidentiality Policy here or request a printed copy to be sent to you.

Breaching confidentiality

  • Breaching confidentiality means telling someone information about you without your consent.

We believe that confidentiality should only be breached in exceptional circumstances such as:

  • If you tell us something which leads us to believe you or someone else may be at risk of serious harm or abuse, or assisting a serious criminal offence

  • If there is a court order for disclosure

What happens when confidentiality is breached?

Where appropriate, with there being no risk of escalating any danger, we will inform you at the earliest opportunity of the reasons for breaching your confidence.  We will make every effort to ensure that you are given the maximum control possible over the process of breaching confidentiality and keep you informed at every stage of the action we take.

Consent and confidentiality

When you receive a service from us you will be asked to complete and sign a form that gives us consent to work with you. If you are referring someone else such as a family member, or if you are a health, social care or voluntary sector worker, one of your participants, you will need to ensure you have the persons written or verbal consent to refer them to us.