LIFE COACHING and mentoring

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Laurie and her team are fully qualified and experienced in the areas of life coaching and mentoring as well as supervision. Laurie is registered member with ACA.


New Life Perspectives offers one on one mentoring and coaching as well as business enhancement services including senior and board member coaching, strategic and operational planning along with change management processes for staff and managers.


New Life Perspectives has firmly established a strong reputation for the quality of its NDIS Support Coordination, life-skills coaching and mentoring programs as well as education and training for industry, individuals and communities. We pride ourselves on supporting and encouraging people to embrace learning and gain skills to create healthy and happier lives.

Our mission is to help people build skills to increase productivity and create a sense of well being for their lives by providing ‘real world’ information that adds genuine value. 


New life Perspectives Support Coordination services

Support Coordination helps to assist you in being able to act more independently. It is a capacity building support which helps implement all supports in a participant's plan. Using our Support Coordination team, you can be connected with further supports you may need, eg. Counselling, speech therapy, Exercise physiologists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists. Our team also helps NDIS participants make the most of the flexibility in their plans. We also look after some administration, legal reporting to NDIS, reports, reviews, unscheduled reviews and planned scheduled reviews.

New Life Perspectives Transformational Coaching or life coaching

So what is it? In essence it can be summed up in seven words New Life Perspectives coaches, guide, empower and holistically develop others.

  • Guidance is providing the tools and support for someone to broaden their perspective and open their mind, encouraging positive goal achievement.     

  • Empowerment is individual; our coaches nurture and cultivate self-esteem by building self-belief.

  • Finally, holistic development enables an individual to go from where they are, to where they want to be. 

                              In effect reaching professional and personal goals.

Life is full of challenges! Yet when we find a way to overcome those challenges and learn to thrive through the difficult times – we transform ourselves, and our lives. This is what New Life Perspectives ‘Transformational coaching’ is all about. We assist people to embrace resilience, optimism, confidence and effective communication and conflict management skills.

Transformational Coaching is all about shifting from survival mode, to truly thriving through empowerment techniques.


Transformational Coaching Can Help:

All aspect of someone’s life both personal and professional including:

  • Personal difficulties, low self-esteem, anxiety, communication, stress, life direction. Overcome stress, self-sabotage and self-doubt – be empowered for positive change. Enhance communication and conflict management skills to relate more effectively

  • Family problems, overcoming infidelity, divorce, abuse, teenagers. Learn how to deal with difficult situations and emotions as well as create a more loving, caring, happy environment.

  • Work stress or career direction. Learn time management and prioritisation skills, create SMART goals, identify strengths and weaknesses to thrive personally and professionally.

  • Relationship difficulties, improving communication, offering strategies and guidance to support and promote positive relationships. Build more resilient and meaningful relationships – with yourself and with others. Release the past and build a productive vibrant future.

  • Motivation to achieve your dreams and desires. Identify and release patterns that have held you back turn your life around. 

  • Financial management, budgeting, dealing with debt, creating healthy habits


How does Coaching work?

Transformational Coaching is really flexible and we tailor the program around your needs. There are no long term contracts, just best practice personally designed sessions – you stay as long as you want. We touch base to chat about what you’d like to achieve then you decide if I’m the right person to work with you. From there, we schedule regular appointments – usually fortnightly to begin with and then monthly until you achieve your goals.  Our Coaches will work with you to cultivate your strengths and identify your values. We will also provide you with a fully equipped toolkit for future reference to ensure you achieve your aims. We will challenge, support and encourage you and most of all listen and assist you to solve the problems that may be holding you back.

Transformational Coaching offers a supportive and non-judgemental environment. Our coaches use a strengths based, solution focused technique rather than problem focused which meaning we’ll be focusing on ‘how can things be down differently.