NLP services also offers professional workshops for professional development and personal growth. Topics include:
  • self awareness and emotional intelligence
  • professional boundaries
  • Mindfullness
  • Understanding depression/ anxiety
  • CBT
  • Communicating with difficult behaviours
  • conflict management styles
  • critical incident management
  • debriefing
  • youth leadership and camps
NLP also faciliates Leadership camps and workshops for building capacity, leadership and management qualities, change management, team Building and NDIS transition
NLP Specialises in writing project plans for grants. If you have an idea let our team turn that idea into something tangible and real. NLP has been successful in delivering all the project listed below.

Executive Mentoring and Coaching

NDIS mentoring and business preparation

Leadership  Programs

Business Coaching

Change Management

NDIS readiness






New Life Perspectives has completed numerous projects for not for profits, government departments and private enterprise.


Projects completed include:

  • NDIS Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Emerging leaders project                                                         2018

  • NDIS CERT 3 Individual support                         2018

  • NDIS emerging Leader project                            2016

  • CSIT NDIS cert 111, IV and Diploma                  2016

  • NDIS Participant Readiness Project                  2015

  • Collagen Clinique Research project                  2014

  • Active Inclusion Project                                        2014

  • Collaborative Mental Health Manual                2014

  • Youth Excel Counselling service Project          2014

  • Mentoring Program                                                2013

  • Healthy Minds at Work Project                           2012

  • QuIHN Van Outreach Project                               2010

  • Fundraising project                                                2010

  • Indigenous youth prisoner program                  2008

  • Correctional facilities education project         2006

Project outcomes

We also offer executive programs including

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  • Dual Diagnosis

  • Drug And Alcohol introduction

  • Getting Job ready

  • Mental Health intro

  • Mindful recovery

  • Perception and values

  • Relapse Prevention

  • Strength based approach

  • Stress Management

  • Understanding trauma

If you are interested in learning more please contact us using the contact form provided

The NLP team also offers education and training both accredited and non accredited 


Training leads to success


We know the importance of training and how it relates to success. New Life Perspectives delivers professional, specific, relevant and timely education in a number of formats to organisations and individuals through mentoring programs and educational services. 
Training strengthens skills, expands knowledge, and increases life satisfaction. The key to successful training is in the delivery. New Life Perspectives facilitates information provision in a number of setting including formal classroom settings, to self-paced e-learning, live Lecture and Demo Webinars. 
It is our goal to ensure that you receive the training you need to be fully proficient in your field and most productive and efficient in your life. 

Methods of training 

New Life Perspectives Training difference

  • We guarantee our products as our trainers are industry experienced professionals.

  • We offer minimal disruption to your operations by coming to the worksite. 

  • We provide practical and relevant solutions, case studies and activities so your staff lean real-world skills. 

  • We offer hands on support for individuals who need additional training assistance. 

  • The real benefits and improvements for you are staff development help retain staff and adds value to your business. 

Classroom facilitation

Classroom training affords the opportunity to incorporate various learning principles, including lectures, demonstrations, hands-on workshops, and retention quizzes. 
Classroom training provides instructor-led classes in a dynamic learning environment. All our staff use a hands-on facilitative approach and can deliver education in a format and in a location that is convenient for you—regionally or onsite. 

Onsite Training

When you want the ultimate convenience, yet still want the benefits of classroom training, our Education Facilitators can deliver progressive and customized training right at your door. This prevents outside influences and ensures the training is focused solely on your needs. Because there are no other costs for example employee travel expenses therefore you save money, and employees have less time away from work. Our qualified instructors bring their years of experience, knowledge, and various teaching styles to meet the specific needs of your organisation. 

 e-Learning Packages

Our Navigating mental mindfield series is available, it includes a 10 book series that will establish clear easy to use strategies to enhance the health and wellbeing of all readers.We can also create specific training content and assessment tools so that your organisation can utilise a creative and relevant eLearning systems that give your employees fast and easy access to information with limited down time.

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